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Body Sculpting & Muscle Sculpting Surgery Thailand  

Muscle Sculpting Surgery

Muscle Sculpting Surgery is one of the forms of cosmetic surgery. It falls under the category of body sculpting process. Cosmetic surgery is performed mainly to enhance the looks. It is extremely popular among women, but nowadays even men are becoming image conscious. More and more men are thereby resorting to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance their looks and body image.

Muscle sculpting surgery is the process of removal of unwanted fat and stubborn fatty deposits from the targeted area of the body. This is done to reshape the curves and contour of the targeted body part. The person undergoing this surgical procedure is offered more choice and control over the shape of the body part. The main areas that are operated upon are the pelvic areas, the abdomen, the thighs and the buttocks. Muscle sculpting surgery is a wide term which involves different kinds of surgical procedures and operations performed in order to enhance the body image and reshape the contours.

Procedure of muscle sculpting surgery
Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of muscle sculpting surgery. The muscle sculpting liposuction procedure is performed under a general anesthetic or under a twilight anesthetic. In general anesthesia the person is not conscious during the surgical procedure. In twilight anesthesia the person undergoing the surgery is under sedation but is still in a conscious state of mind. The type of anesthesia administered depends on the type and number of liposuction procedures you undergo. Liposuction can be performed consecutively on many different sites; in fact, many patients choose to have several body parts treated during the same day. Depending on the number of parts operated on during the procedure, the surgery can last for several hours.
The operating surgeon will make a tiny incision on the targeted body part. Through this incision the surgeon will insert the cannula. Cannula is a small and narrow tube. Once the cannula is properly inserted and positioned into the operating area, it is pushed back and forth through the fat layer. This action helps to break down the fat cells. Once the fat cells are broken it becomes easier for the operating surgeon to remove them. This is done with the help of a vacuum pump or even a large syringe. The fat cells are suctioned out or vacuumed out and it results in permanent removal of the fat cells. A significant amount of blood and other bodily fluids are also suctioned out along with the unwanted deposits of fat. This results in loss of the body fluids. In order to replace the lost fluids the person undergoing this surgical procedure is administered intravenous fluids during the surgery as well as immediately after the surgery. Various techniques can be involved in the muscle sculpting lipoplasty procedure. Some of the most advanced techniques of liposuction are ultrasonic and tumescent liposuction.

Factors such as a patient's physical condition, genetic makeup, diet, exercise, smoking alcohol and skin elasticity can affect the results of the procedure.

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